Canvases of Professional Erudition in STEAM Education
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The delivery of instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) requires layers upon layers of professional knowledge concerning STEAM pedagogy, methodologies, technology, and active involvement strategies to support student learning. A professional understanding of these critical areas is relevant for supporting student learning and is germane in actively involving parents in STEAM learning. While educators commonly engage in professional development opportunities, professional development is principally singular and typically ends without continuance or re-examination. Professional learning, on the other hand, is ongoing and revisits professional growth needs for educators. In this article, the researcher utilized targeted professional growth needs for STEAM educators that included qualities of site-based professional development and professional learning referred to as professional erudition. This study employed targeted professional erudition for providing high school science teachers skills related to constructivism, experiential learning, communications and dialogue, reflection and self-evaluation, and active parental involvement. Students and parents participating in the study maintained journals regarding their experiences during science inquiry learning and teachers maintained journals concerning their experiences and perceptions regarding targeted professional erudition. Qualitative data indicated providing professional erudition for STEAM teachers results in authentic professional growth, improved communications, and skills and strategies for supporting participatory science learning.


STEAM, Secondary education, Professional learning, Scientific inquiry, Parental involvement

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