Section Policies

The International Journal of Academic Studies in Science and Education (IJASSE) only publishes original manuscripts. Each submitted manuscript to IJASSE must not have been published or be under review elsewhere. The authors hold complete responsibility for any inconvenience caused. All manuscripts should be uploaded through the online system provided by the journal. Authors can track the status of their manuscripts using this system. Upon acceptance of the manuscripts, the authors are required to waive and transfer all copyrights to the journal. However, the legal and ethical responsibilities of the manuscripts still belong to the authors.

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Original Research: Articles the IJASSE welcomes original research articles that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the fields of technology and education. These articles should present novel findings, methodologies, or theoretical frameworks and undergo rigorous peer review.

Review Articles: IJASSE accepts review articles that provide comprehensive and critical assessments of current research, trends, and developments in technology and education. Review articles should offer valuable insights, analyses, and syntheses of existing literature and may also propose new research directions or frameworks.

Short Communications: Short communications provide a platform for concise and focused contributions to the scholarly discourse in technology and education. These articles may present preliminary findings, case studies, or brief research reports that warrant prompt dissemination.

Book Reviews: IJASSE publishes book reviews that critically evaluate recently published books related to technology and education. These reviews should provide an objective analysis of the book's content, strengths, weaknesses, and its relevance to the field.

Special Issues: Special issues provide an opportunity to explore specific topics or emerging areas within the scope of technology and education in more depth. IJASSE welcomes proposals for special issues from researchers and scholars who wish to guest edit a collection of articles on a particular theme.

Ethical Guidelines: IJASSE adheres to high ethical standards in publishing and expects authors to comply with these guidelines. This includes ensuring that submitted manuscripts are original, properly attributed, and not under consideration elsewhere. Authors should also disclose any conflicts of interest and obtain necessary permissions for the use of copyrighted materials.

Peer Review Process: All articles submitted to IJASSE undergo a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality and validity of the published research. Our double-blind review system ensures the anonymity of both authors and reviewers to maintain objectivity and impartiality.

Open Access Policy: IJASSE is an open access journal, providing unrestricted access to its content. All published articles are freely available to readers worldwide, promoting the dissemination of knowledge and facilitating collaboration among researchers.

Copyright and Licensing: IJASSE owns the copyright of the articles.